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Restorative Justice gives victims a voice in the criminal justice system. It bring victims and offenders together to talk about what happened and explain how the crime affected them. For victims, it is an opportunity to ask questions and receive an explanation from the person who committed the crime. For the offender, it gives them an opportunity to empathise with their victim, show remorse and take responsibility for the harm they have caused. Restorative justice could involve a carefully planned face-to-face meeting, known as a conference, or an exchange of letters. A trained restorative justice facilitator will work with you to help you prepare for this. Taking part can be a very positive experience for everyone involved. Cumbria Restorative Services are provided by Remedi, a not-for-profit organisation who work with a number of local agencies to offer restorative justice to victims of crime. For an informal chat or more information, contact the team on 07539 030692. Professionals can also make a referral of someone who would like to take part by emailing the secure email account (Please note that this email address will not work for people who do not have a cjsm email account themselves).