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The Committee is composed of four/five members that meet five times throughout the year in line with the recommendations of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). The Committee provides an independent assurance function in respect of the arrangements for governance. This includes assurance on financial and non-financial performance where there is an implication for exposure to risk or where there may be a weakening of the internal control environment. The Committee is responsible for assurance on the overall adequacy of risk management arrangements and will oversee the financial reporting process. These are important roles that make a significant contribution to public assurance about the integrity and internal controls that are adhered to within these public offices. Terms of Reference for the committee were updated and approved on 22 November 2018. Standing Orders which regulate the business of the committee were approved on 14 December 2012.

The arrangements for the Committee within the Commissioner’s wider audit framework is set out within an Internal Audit Charter. The Committee reviews its effectiveness on an annual basis against the CIPFA guidance for audit committees that includes specific reference to their role within the governance arrangements for policing. 

To view past JAC reports, please visit the OPFCC Archive.


The meetings of the Committee are open to the public and papers presented to the Joint Audit Committee will be available to view 7 days prior to the meeting taking place. To view the papers please click on the links below:

26th June 2024 (Fire) 

26th June 2024 (Police)

To view past meetings, visit the OPFCC Archive.